Our Facility

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  • Twenty 12 ft. x 12 ft. stalls with Soft Stall flooring.
  • Individual windows and double buckets in all stalls (end stalls have two windows.)
  • Infrared security system throughout barn.
  • In-floor heating in all areas for ambient temperatures.
  • Two wash stalls with infrared heat lamps, hot/cold water, rubber mats.
  • Grooming stall with central vac for clipping.
  • Surround sound system for interior of entire barn and arena.
  • Barn is well lit with chandeliers, pot lights on timers, and extensive arena lighting.
  • Tack room with large individual lockers and full laundry facilities – front loaders.
  • UV Water filtration system ensuring high quality water at all times.
  • Heated washroom with shower and hand dryer.
  • Ventilation system with humidity control.
  • Individual turn-out paddocks.
  • Heated lounge with gas fireplace, T.V., sound system and wireless internet.


  • 80 ft x 210 ft insulated indoor arena, premium dust free footing and mirrors, jumps, and letters.
  • 60 ft. round pen.
  • Outdoor sand ring with berms for conditioning.