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When accomplished trainer Jeremy Feenstra founded Top Rail Stables Inc. (TRS) in 2008, his goal was to prepare top-level horses and riders for competition. Today, TRS is a quality care boarding facility that specializes in hunters, jumpers and sales, where boarders enjoy the comfort of knowing their horses will be meticulously cared for, and can reach their goals through a professional and customized training program at a state of the art facility.

At 29 years of age, Jeremy is an accomplished trainer. He is the founder and owner of Top Rail Stables Inc. Jeremy has had the opportunity to train with top professionals in the industry and has competed in both the jumper and hunter ring at top competitions, including the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. With his experience in the equine industry Jeremy is able to see potential in horses from young ages up to grand prix levels as investments. As a trainer, his attention to detail and perfection create success in both horse and rider.

TRS offers a wide range of services catering to equine and non -equine clienteles alike, which includes the following:

  • Sales and purchase of horses from Young Horse to grand Prix levels
  • Horse training, campaigning and breaking
  • Horse sponsorships
  • Investment opportunities

The Sport

Show jumping, or “jumpers”, is an English riding equestrian sport set inside a ring, where horse and rider journey through a course of jumps. Other events under the same category include dressage, eventing, hunters, and equitation. Jumping classes are often featured at horse shows around the world, namely during the Summer Olympic Games.

Simple rules make it easier for a person unfamiliar with equestrian sports to watch show jumpers. In short, the rider with the fastest time who doesn’t knock down any fences and stays on his or her horse wins.

Jumper classes are judged entirely on a numerical score, whereas hunters are evaluated subjectively by a judge based on an ideal standard of style and way of going. In this discipline, horse and rider must demonstrate effortless and ground covering movement, white neatly and conventionally sailing over fences.

Compared to hunter classes, where horse and rider tend to wear very conservative and subdued tack and attire, jumper competitions can be much more colourful and complex since participants are not judged on style.

Among hunter and jumper classes, there is equitation, which is defined as the “art of riding horseback”. Equitation is also evaluated by a judge, who asses the ability, balance and position of the rider. Although, the equipment, clothing, and styles used in equitation are similar to those used in hunter classes, the technical aspect of the courses can be compared to jumping events.

What makes a horse a superstar?

Speed, rhythm, impulsion, balance-what makes a horse a champion? Only a meticulous training program will reveal whether a horse possesses that infallible will to succeeds, allowing heart, passion and courage to shine through. With the proper attitude and preparation, the noble steed is geared for top performance.

In addition to a horse’s competitive ability and raw talent, a trusting relationship must be established between horse and rider. Not to mention, the importance of the team surrounding the horse, including the farrier and the veterinarian. When properly cared for, a horse will develop a desire to succeed with its rider. A sound mind and a healthy body is what make a true champion.

Power and impulsion come from acceptance, clam demeanor and achieving a forward and straight drive. Here are the requirements in the mechanics of jumping.

How to invest in a good show horse.

TRS has access to a reliable network of international sources to offer only high- quality jumping horses for investment purposes or for personal use. We search all over the world to find the perfect horses o satisfy our clients’ specific criteria. Our network allows us to purchase talented young horses and train them to become top performers at the Grand Prix and young Rider levels.

A horse as an investment

As a result of globalization, the equestrian sport sector has expanded both nationally and internationally. In fact, over the last two decades, it has evolved into a viable industry. Experiencing high growth rates unlike other sectors and continuing to grow throughout the recession, the horse industry has become a full-fledged business.

The sport’s increasing popularity in the Near East, Asia, Russia, and South America, in addition to its already existing notoriety in Europe and North America, has boosted the demand for horses, while main breeding countries, like Germany and France, have reported declining breeding rates. This means that fewer horses will be available on the market in the future.

What’s more, the decline in supply has caused prices to rise, especially for show jumpers that received professional training and have competition experience. Successful Grand Prix horses, that began their careers as novices between the ages of 4 to 6, are currently selling for over ten million euros. Now is the perfect time to invest!

Investment options

The simplest way to invest in a horse is through a partnership arrangement. Show horse owners seeking investors offer shares in their horse. Usually, they ask for a few hundred dollars per share as an upfront investment ad a fixed monthly fee to help with feed, veterinary bills, stabling costs, transportation, as well as training and rider fees.

Another way to invest in show horses is to actually purchase one. An investor can choose to buy a young prospect and hire a trainer, who will take the horse to the highest level of performance. It is also possible to invest in a mid-career horse whose price is determined based on its pedigree and competition results. In any event, TRS has a selection of horses available, obtained through purchase or opportunity, to accommodate investor demand.

Finally, an invest can also decide to sponsor a show horse. in this case, the investor basically pays for general expenses throughout the competition season.

If you are interested in investing in a show jumping horse, please contact us.

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