At Top Rail Stables you do not just go around, and around the arena, plodding along like most lesson programs. Thanks to the very knowledgeable coaches and trainers, I am learning the art of equitation and horsemanship. I am learning how to ride correctly and with effective aids, and the feeling of the positive results when applied correctly. I could not be happier with my progress. I look forward to every lesson, improving and learning something new each time. I would strongly recommend Top Rails lesson program to anyone who wants to learn and become the best rider they can be.
E. Rowe
When we started looking for riding lessons for our 7 year old daughter, It was important for us to find a barn that offered quality instruction, a commitment to horsemanship and experience in the equestrian community. Top Rail Stables has far exceeded our expectations. Through dedicated, carefully structured lessons, Coach Brittany has patiently worked to create a targeted, skills based program that has challenged our daughter to continuously improve. After 2 years with Top Rail Stables, our once anxious daughter enters the A circuit show-ring with confidence and the skills to do her personal best!
Jen Lording
Growing up I was an avid rider. After university I took a very long hiatus and returned to riding as an adult about 4 years ago. Since becoming part of the lesson program at Top Rail Stables, my riding has improved dramatically. Top Rail Stables is not your average schooling barn, but a quality facility with a focus on the development of students and the health and well-being of horses. Brittany Irwin is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who encourages students to reach their full potential. Jeremy Feenstra and his staff foster a welcoming community within the barn and are always willing to share their knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, hunter or jumper, Top Rail Stables is an excellent choice for boarders and students alike.
Ally Wesson
It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to write a few comments about my family’s experience at Top Rail Stables (TRS). This stable came highly recommended by a friend who had moved her horse to TRS from a stable we had previously shared. Having owned a horse for our daughter for 3 years on the Trillium Jumper Circuit, relatively new to the horse world, we were ready to explore moving up to an A Circuit barn. The transition and the experience of being a member of the TRS team, and competing on the A circuit exceeded every expectation, most notably rider confidence (and ribbons). The quality and meticulous care of the horses and the facility stood out immediately, and this standard of care has been consistent over the 18 months we have been there. We transferred a second horse to TRS (my horse – novice rider), after 6 months. The ability of the coaching team to provide professionally tailored lessons to riders and horses with such a broad range of experience (timid novice to grand prix) is remarkable. In particular we have considerable confidence in Jeremy Feemstra. We are so impressed by the caliber of training and progress of the higher-level competition horses at TRS that we are exploring investing in horses trained by this team.
Patti Harbman and Chris Stoate
“Jeremy’s philosophy and enthusiasm is why I joined the team at Top Rail Stables. Jeremy’s professionalism, knowledge, dedication and attention shown not only towards me, but my horses as well, is why years later I am proud to remain a part of the team. A specialized training program for each horse and rider is essential, which has been proven to me through show results of both my hunter and jumper horses in training with Top Rail Stables. The coaching of myself and the training of my horses is complimented by helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly Top Rail Stables employees.”
Scott McAllister